We have been on two amazing trips that we would like to share with you.

The first, a journey to document Dia de los Muertos, was in 2007, when we started in Mexico City at the Merced Market and then traveled to Toluca to see the famous sugar skull market and finally to Patzcuaro and Tzintzuntzan to visit the cemeteries famous for the decorated gravesites on November 1 and 2. Our folk art for Day of the Dead is on the following pages: Skull Masks and Skeletons for Dia de los Muertos.

The second, in 2015, was a trip to Havana. Cuba, with a peace organization. The tour group, which I highly recommend, is We were lucky enough to not only go with the large group on guided tours, but also get away on our own to explore Havana. The creativity of the Cuban people is amazing. We did not find much folk art there, but what we found is under Cuban folk art.