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Dr. Madeleine Crozat-Williams had years of experience teaching design and textiles and collecting folk art before she founded Las Manos Magicas. She worked as a textile and mixed media artist for about a dozen years and her work appeared in various publications and juried shows. She taught textiles, design, and visual merchandising at the University of Houston in the mid- to late- 1980’s and the weaving studio course at Texas Southern University. She is an expert on fine textiles and is a very discriminating buyer for Las Manos Magicas. She has searched for the best folk artists all over Mexico and Guatemala and her background in design has helped her to choose their finest pieces. All items sold by Las Manos Magicas have passed her strict screening standards. She has also created one-of-a-kind jewelry designs, the Crozat Collection, for many years and now sells them exclusively on this website.

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